Click One Million Red Ball


Discover the surprises the red ball is hiding



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Click One Million Red Ball is a super fun clicker that tests your fingers’ speed in order to reveal surprises hidden within. If there’s some leftover space in your heart (and on your smartphone) for a clicker that’ll get you hooked, then try this awesome version.

Your task is very simple here: just like any other clicker, you have to tap the screen. When you start performing your task, you’ll move a red ball and make the imposing counter start to tick down. If you can make that counter reach zero, you’ll discover the surprises that are waiting for you.

To reveal all the surprises you have to click 5,000 times. Don’t be intimidated by that number, though – you’ll be surprised at how fast the counter drops once you start playing. Plus you can use one or two shortcuts that the game offers to make the countdown even speedier.

Click One Million Red Ball is a great version of the popular clickers that reward your efforts with amazing surprises.
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